Don’t Support Troop Supporters!

As I drove through Fresno’s A #1 intersection Blackstone and Shaw, (this is where groups in Fresno tend to come out and protest or support things), I saw a group of “supporters”. They were called Republican women for something.

They had signs with things like “Honk if you support our troops”. I can’t stand that. Republicans always pull that statement out.


They always infer that they are the ones that support our troops and if you don’t support the war, you don’t support our troops. Even a pacifist supports the troops. It’s almost slanderous.

The real signs they should be holding is “Honk if you support the war”. A war protestor is actually fighting for the troops to come home alive, ya dipshit’s. Somebody who is pro war is actually “supporting” more troops to die….HELLOOOO???

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