Is Santa Outsourcing Jobs?

Zogby International did a pole involving what political party people think the Grinch, Santa and Ebenezer Scrooge are in. Here is what they thought:

Ebenezer Scrooge………Republican. That one is obvious–an old white guy with lots of money. But what is he after he changes into nice and giving Ebenezer on Christmas morning. A flip-flopping damn liberal that’s what!

Santa Claus…….Democrat. Okay, I get it. He is a giving guy, no matter if you are poor or not. But he does run a monopoly type business. And I don’t know how much he is paying those elves but I get the sense that it’s next to nothing. At least he isn’t outsourcing work overseas…or is he? I called the 1-800 Santa customer service center the other day and I got an “elf” that called himself “Steve” but had a real think Indian accent.

The Grinch……Republican. This just shows how two-party-happy we are. It’s so obvious he is a Libertarian. He’s got that “Everybody do what they want but be quiet about it and just leave me the fuck alone!” thing down.

*Check out the full details of the poll here.

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