Where Hollywood’s Real Power Is

If you were sitting around the other day, thinking about the most powerful people in reality television (why you would, I don’t know, but I have), the first person that would pop into your head might not be the show’s editor, but it should be.

A couple of weeks ago, on the Bravo reality show “Project Greenlight” (a contest to give unknown Writers and Directors a chance to make a real movie, in this case “Feast”), Michelle Gertz (Casting Director for the film “Feast”) found out how powerful an editor of a reality show can be.

Michelle and the Director [John Gularger]had been working to cast the film and got to the role of Heroin. A finalist for that role was the actress Navi Rawat. John had been shown, in interviews and clips, to not like Navi for the part. The show’s Producers [Joel Soisson and Mike Leahy] also seemed to agree she wasn’t right. Michelle was shown to be a big fan of Navi and really pushing for Navi to win the role.

The studio decides to go with Navi for the role. The Director and Producers are a bit stunned, thinking she wasn’t really still around to be picked. Then, through the shows editing, Michelle is shown on the phone with Navi’s agent and Navi, looking as if she is friends with Navi, celebrating her getting the part.

In the end it looked as if Michelle quietly got the studio to pick Navi, behind Gulager’s, Soisson’s and Leahy’s back. (Director’s and Producers wouldn’t exactly be able to trust a Casting Director if they knew they behaved like that.)

The show’s viewer is at the mercy of the editor. If that’s all they are going to show, that’s all we are going to know (that was lame…sorry). Maybe Gertz did nothing behind their backs. She just went to the Studio with all of the names for Heroin and they happened to like Navi.

But why would the editor show that? That’s not a “powerful” show. Powerfully boring maybe.

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I've been blogging and podcasting about Fresno, craft beer, film, music and the such since 2004. I like talking about the things that make Fresno, beer and podcasting unique. When your ears have time, check out my podcasts: Dorktown, Flowing With Famous, The Perfect Pour and Get Off My Podcast. Cheers!

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