The Fastest Hour In Television

Do you like movies? Ya like the TV shows? Do you like to hate people? Hear and see old guys yell? See people get pissed off at each other one hour, then hug the next? Do you like seeing chubby men take a bath?


Project Greenlight (now in it’s third season, on it’s new network “Bravo” [Thursday nights]), is a reality show that brings a beginning writer/s and director together to try and make a low-budget indi’ movie. The wanna-be’s get a studio backing but have little money to work with. (If they gave them a lot of money, the show wouldn’t be as dramatic)

This season (the third)has been “dramatic” as hell. Fighting, people being fired, the director being almost fired (twice), the writers already getting an assignment for another movie before production started on their PGL script (“Feast”) and the season is only half over. All this while pseudo brothers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck executive produce from afar.

A couple episodes ago, a big brewhaha-hahaha-ha happened when a casting director (Michelle Gertz) appeared to go behind some backs to get an actress cast that the director [John Gulager] didn’t want. Message boards and Blogs jumped all over Michelle (me being one of the biggest jumpers) calling her everything in the book (I said don’t trust her or hire her – What the hell do I know?).

Turns out that it was more about dramatic editing than Michelle being a bad casting director. Executive Producer Chris Moore (who has been fun to watch every season) recently wrote his own blog in defense of Michelle:

In Defense of Michelle Gertz
Episode 6

For today’s BLOG I am going to write about Michelle Gertz. Michelle is getting killed on the show because John wanted her only to cater to him. As an executive producer of both the movie and the show we had to make some hard decisions on how Michelle came across. It was John’s point of view, not mine, the producers or the studio that ultimately made it to air. We all love Michelle and would work with her again. John revealed early on that he wanted to cast his family in the movie and that marketability did not matter to him. The studio, Dimension, and I gave Michelle clear directives to keep us posted and to not allow John to control the information getting to us. We also asked her to look out for the marketing of the movie. Finally, and most importantly, we asked her to give us her opinion, even when it differed from John’s.

Unfortunately, you didn’t get to see any of this in the show, mostly because none of it happened while the cameras were around. I want everyone to know that Michelle did her job and saved the movie from absolute failure by going around John when she did. I have worked with her many times and in different situations she plays her role perfectly. She is always respectful and works well with directors. Project Greenlight is different because it is a contest winner not a director at the beginning. John became a director but during the casting process he was still acting like a contest winner. Michelle saved him and us from that. Please stop the anger and diatribes toward her. She is a sweet, smart, strong, fun to work with casting director and it makes me sad that Project Greenlight is doing anything but helping her. I would work with her again. Sometimes for dramatic purposes or because there is not enough time, the show only gives a quick view of something that is far more complicated than it appears on the show.
-Chris Moore
(courtesy of

Ya see people, drama. It’s real drama too, not that goofy kind like on American Idol (those people suck this year, don’t they?)

So start watching already – Then you could know what the hell I’m talking about when I say “Watch a chubby man take a bath.”

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