Never Judge A Tweaker By Its Cover

Tweakers friggin scare me. Their jumpy actions, wide eyes and stream of conscience speaking style, drives me a little nuts.

At my job, I work outside a lot and go all over town (Madera, CA.). I work along sidewalks part of the time. The other day, I’m working and a guy comes up who looks to be homeless or just a tweaker. He asks me “Hey man, you work for Blah Blah Blah?” [my company’s name is omitted to protect the un-innocent] I say “Yea.” The Tweaker inquires “Where can I go to give an application?” I tell him the only way is to go online, submit though there (which IS the only way). He says thanks and moves on.

Now, I don’t think we are hiring but, I’m thinking, it’s pretty doubtful they’re hiring tweakers anyway.

The next day I’m in a total different part of town, at a business that’s getting ready to open up. I’m waiting for the manager to get off his phone so I can ask him what he needs from me. I then hear, from behind “Hey man, you work in this part of town too?” It was the tweaker from the day before. I nod and he goes on to say “Yea, I sent my application through your guys’ website, don’t know if I’ll hear back.” I say “Man, you never know, good luck dude.” He then goes on to talk shop about stuff I don’t even know much about.

Tweaker is waiting for the manager too and he talks to him first. I listen in on their conversation and the Tweaker is asking the manager about a job.

Now I feel like an asshole.

This “tweaker” is going all around town, on foot I believe, pounding the pavement, trying to get his unemployed self a job. Here my jerk-ass self was lookin’ down on the guy.

I’ll never make a snap judgment on a tweaker again. Be annoyed maybe, but judgmental, no.

About Mikey

I've been blogging and podcasting about Fresno, craft beer, film, music and the such since 2004. I like talking about the things that make Fresno, beer and podcasting unique. When your ears have time, check out my podcasts: Dorktown, Flowing With Famous, The Perfect Pour and Get Off My Podcast. Cheers!

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  1. Wow….a tweaker with a work ethic. It’s almost diabolical. Too bad the dude will get the job and then rob his boss blind. Great blog man…made me laugh.


  2. Thank you Frank!! One of my best friends worked at KFSR back in the day. He called himself SNYDLEY WIPLASH and it was cool. He would play music that I would give him and he had my favorite all time local band in the studio (RIBIT). KFSR RULES!


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