Pliny The Elder – Dorktown Podcast EP85

It’s been time for Dorktown to do a show from the road for a while now. So why not do one during a friend of the show’s birthday party, a one Aaron “The La Selva Beach Connection”? There is no music in this episode (sorry) because it’s from the road, but you’ll hear such things as:

  • Bad Casa De Fruta humor.
  • Pliny The Elder is the real King Of Beers.
  • Run-ins with the Highway Patrol.
  • Hard rock works at Woodward Park.
  • Aaron’s party begins and the Plinys are opened.
  • Drunk party jibberish.
  • A very hungover ride home to Fresno.

To listen, download the file: dorktownEpisode85.mp3

*There are a couple rare edits during this episode, but trust us, they had to be done [drunk jibber jabber]. Email the show: or

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About Mikey

I've been blogging and podcasting about Fresno, craft beer, film, music and the such since 2004. I like talking about the things that make Fresno, beer and podcasting unique. When your ears have time, check out my podcasts: Dorktown, Flowing With Famous, The Perfect Pour and Get Off My Podcast. Cheers!

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