The Dorktown Podcast was started in June of 2005, back when Adam Curry was the “Podfather” of podcasting and junk. We are comedy based and like to talk about Fresno, craft beer, Star Wars, podcasting and music. We also play games, attempt comedy bits and interview local musicians, creatives and fellow podcasters.

Dorktown is still hosted by the same dork three-some of Bells, Mikey and Producer Becky.

Thanks for coming by and we hope you give Dorktown a listen sometime. We also have a couple other podcasts in our little Dorktown Network we’d love for you to check out. A craft beer podcast called The Perfect Pour (hosted by Nick & Mike) and the classic Fresno talk podcast Flowing With Famous (hosted by Joshua Tehee and Mikey).

We love hearing from any bands that may be coming through Fresno or any fellow podcasters or whoever. Send us a email sometime or leave us a voicemail (559-492-0542).


  1. Always glad to meet another cool podcaster on WordPress! Not that many since it’s mainly a writing platform.

    Anyway, glad to find you guys and look forward to listening to new episodes of your show as they appear in our Reader!




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