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It’s Bell’s Birthday!!: Dorktown 220

It’s Bell’s Birthday!! We sing. We drink beer. We Or Game. We dork out about notebooks.  We report on the hot podcast. We get drunk. We do the things.

Oh and Bells has some exclusive Star Wars Land in Disneyland info!!

Listen to Bell’s Birthday: DorktownPodcast220.tmp3

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Pliny the Younger 2015: Perfect Pour #83


Pliny The Younger. One of the Perfect Pourers braved the line at Russian River this year. Was the Regular Beer Geek experience better or was Younger better being treated as a “industry” person? Greg, The Beerocrat, returns to help us figure this out.

Plus a ton of drinking local talk, listener voicemail, Been Caught Drinking, what’s with Hopslam and more more and more craft beer talk. Thank you for listening!

*Use player above or click this: PlinyTheYounger2015.mp3

HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey.
MUSIC BY: Sunburns 
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