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What Are You Listening To? – The Married Gamers’ Chris Brown

I already know what podcasts Dorktown listens to. That’s boring. I’d rather hear what other podcasters are listening to. This time we asked, Chris Brown of The Married Gamers podcast, what he listens to. Take itthemarriesgamers away, Chris!:

Podcasts are cool! Whether you have hundreds of thousands of listeners or thirty, podcasts are an audio version of cave paintings. It is a DIY (Do It Yourself) way of sharing
things you hate or love and hopefully informing or entertaining you and a collection of others. No hyberbole, if it wasn’t for podcasts, my wife and I might have gotten a divorce. For my wife and I, podcasts were better than freakin’ couples therapy!

I have a long list of shows I listen to, but I’m going to highlight four that I am always eager to tune in for each new release.

* DGRadio ~This was my first podcast I started listening to. John, Moe and Hilden have been through names changes, shifted their focus from video games to entertainment of all types, and have created music and soon their first movie. Sadly, the heart of the podcast, Hilden passed away suddenly just a few weeks ago. The just released their last podcast honoring their late friend and they have their entire history of shows archived to be enjoyed for the ages. Episode 391: For Hilden

* Some Other Castle ~Elaine and Leah do a side-splittingly funny video game podcast that is easily one of the best podcasts out there. There’s a lot of boob and penis jokes, and they may have talked about John Madden in ways that would make even the closet-fetishist blush. That said, these two ladies are informative and passionate about games so much it has me trying Person 4 on my PS Vita, and I despise JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games). Episode 78: Vodkacast

* The 40cast ~Hosted by four guys from different parts of the country, the 40cast covers a wide-swath of topics from video games to politics to race relations. I don’t always agree with them but on several occasions they make me question my likes and beliefs. Their shows are lengthy and because of their mature content I only listen to them in my car so I often will keep to surface streets to make my “drive-time” longer. Episode 172: Vaginal Knitting, Really?! gamongirl

* Game on Girl ~I often refer to this podcast, hosted by Regina McMenomy (Ph.D.) and Rhonda Oglesby, as the NPR of video game podcasting. This is a show that will make you think about gaming in a larger sense. They have frequent guests on each episode that speak to the show’s topic. Intelligent discussion, passionate about gaming, and inviting personalities make this one of my favorite podcasts. Episode 91: 2014 Films and Wonder Woman on the Big Screen

What Are You Listening To: DI60Y’s Roger Gonzales Tells Us What To Get Up On

Welcome back to our continuing feature called “What You Are Listening To” where we ask other podcasters what podcasts they’ve been enjoying or, well, hating lately. This week we have Roger Gonzales from Dead In 60 Years, cluing us in to some cool shit.

I couldn’t just pick one, I’m sorry! I work a job where I sit alone at a cubicle editing footage of teeth all day. The only interaction I have with humans is when I’m yelling at my animation team in Lahore Pakistan via Skype.

These are the podcasts that get me through my day, take my mind off the mundane and allow me to laugh in a humorless work environment.

  • Get up on this: A podcast that attempts to get you up on things (music/technology/film) early. Great guests hilarious stories and informative at times.
    Episode 107 w/ Annie Lederman.getuponthis
    Episode 040 w/ Fat Jew.
  • Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank: Went through a breakup the other month… misery loves company! Two episodes that remind you it could always be worse. Comedian Sarah Tiana meets a Navy Seal while on a USO tour and shit goes bad the day of the recorded podcast. Episode #87 follows up where #73 left off. ITS BONKERS!
    #73: Love Scam.
    #87: Mended Heart.
  • Go Bayside!: Writer April Richardson watches episodes of Saved by the Bell with friends. If you grew up in the 90s and were raised by TV this pod will strike a nostalgic chord.
    Episode 029 with Howard Kremer, “The Babysitter”.
    Episode 025 with Jimmy Pardo, “Jessie’s Song”.

What Are You Listening To: Jason Tabrys – Disasterpiece Theatre

Since the demise of the Podcast Rankings, we’ve been yearning for other ways to connect with and feature podcasts on the blog. Podcasts we, as big podcast listeners, might be missing. So we’ve started a new feature on the blog called “What YOU Are Listening To”. We ask podcasting friends what shows they’ve been enjoying lately and put them up here to…hear. Hope you enjoy discovering, along with us, what some of our favorite podcasters are listening to.

First up, Jason, from our favorite nerd news podcast, BastardCast.

My name is Jason Tabrys, semi-prestigious internet word writer, podcaster, and person who can put his whole fist in his mouth.
disasterpieceI’m one of those people that usually only listens to fancy famous people podcasts like Harmontown and WTF, but there are a couple of indie shows that I occasionally check out. The cast I am about to tell you about is not one of those.I’m going to tell you about Disasterpiece Theatre. Now, here is me telling you about it.A couple of years ago, I captained a small band of writer people for a now dead site called — perhaps you’ve never heard of it.
While doing that, I had a few absurdly talented writers who are doubtlessly still embarrassed by the fact that I got to briefly call myself their editor. One of those absurdly talented writers was Alex White. Alex, like a few of the others, has only gone on to greatness since leaving my tainting grasp.
Are you familiar with the website Reddit? Alex built that. Also, he was nominated for an Academy Award for the Buzkashi Boys short film.Quite a doer. These things are lies. I don’t know what he’s been up to, we wrote together on the internet for a blink two years ago, but he’s a cool guy and he had mentioned his podcast, Disasterpiece Theatre, and I checked it out.Then I didn’t listen again for a long-assed time. I may have told him that I did. I may be an asshole. Anyway, I’ve gone back to the show a few times since then and when I got the chance to write about another indie cast, I wanted to tell you about this one.Why? Well, Alex and his co-host Stephen Granade (and producer Brooke Fox) know how to put on a good show. This is a smart show and a pro product with fantastic sound quality, great chemistry, and a spectacular flow. It’s also got a great premise.

Basically, Disasterpiece Theatre skewers the Hollywood system by firing funny mental buckshot on a weekly basis as they pitch some of the greatest and most bizarre never were movies in the history of… all of it.

I’m listening now… “Down Periscope was an amazing movie” and “It’s all about Obelisks” just flew into my ears. It’s a weird and brilliant show that makes me laugh.

Go listen.Disasterpiece Theatre can be found on iTunes. Probably other places as well. Use Google or, whatever, is Bing still a thing? Alta Vista?