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A Very Dorky Christmas [2014]: Dorktown #176


Merry Dorkmas. A important Taco Bell segment is the only thing that stops us from doing our Christmas Special. We combine three of our games (Or, Metal, For It Again It) to create the ultimate Christmas battle.

We also talk some Star Wars: The Force Awakens, drink some craft beer and talk about other junk.

Music Break by: Substructure.

Heads up: Plenty of Christmas F-bombs lie ahead.

Direct download or just click to listen: dorkychristmasDT176.mp3

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Dorktown #104: Merry Christmas – Coach Fu-Manchu To Become Dr. Boz’ Unibrow!

Welcome back to another episode of our local (LISTEN LOCAL!) themed podcast: Dorktown. We appreciate the listening, Fresno. This (sorta) Christmas themed episode has some stuff like this:

  • The only way to enjoy Christmas Tree Lane is with secret booze.
  • Producer Becky and Mikey tension.
  • Mikey touches Fierce Creatures’ penis.
  • Fresno wind damage.
  • Fresno Sheriff gets $500 for every confirmed kill?
  • Mystery Fresno helicopter.
  • Fresno marathon conflicts with porch drinking.
  • Review of Yardhouse, Fresno.
  • More Christmas lights of Fresno.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Achievement House.
  • A breakdown of Fresno Mag’s ‘Best Of Fresno’.
  • Fresno State’s Coach Fu-Manchu is depressed and is looking for a new job.

To hear that stuff, click and listen to this: Dorktown104.mp3 or:

Dorktown Episode 104 – X-Mas Tree Dorks

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Opening music by Trumpet Solo. Pic by Fresno Bee’s Gary Kazjaian.

Dorktown #79 – A Dorktown Christmas

Xmas laneWelcome to another episode of our own crass little podcast, Dorktown. As always, your ears will be offended by the cussing and the lameness.

Download: aDorktownChristmas.mp3 [35.95mb] [39:18] [Episode #79]

Some of what you’ll be listening too:

  • Christmas Tree lane better than Candy Cane Lane.
  • Bullard Knight football kicks all ass.
  • A Fresnan secret is revealed.
  • A Christmas movie themed OR GAME.
  • Dorktown interviews Luke from Brother Luke & The Comrades and Circles & Circles.
  • Live clip of Brother Luke playing at Starline.
  • Bells and Mikey play Modern Warfare 2 [PSN names: Bells316 and fresnan].
  • HIGH HORSE: Don’t put nuts in Mikey’s junk.
  • A “live” report from Christmas Tree Lane.
  • Dorktown is on Facebook now, become a fan and junk.

Technical issues (because Mikey is bound to jack up something):

  • Mikey’s mic is too loud throughout the episode.
  • Audio suddenly becomes louder a few minutes in.
  • Bad feedback coming back from remotes.

Click to download or listen: aDorktownChristmas.mp3