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Triple Deuced. Dorktown Podcast #222


Rieeeeed! We are back to hang out with you and play games. In fact, we play a very brotherly style Or Game, along with some It’ll Grow Back, and maybe give out a Netflix reco or two.

Wake up, Louie. WAKE UP! It’s Dorktown, Episode 222!

Click!: Dorktown222.mp3
32.6MB | 1:11:12 | Very fowl language!

Thank you for hanging with us.


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Bubba’s Gizzard and Oregon Stripping – Dorktown #113

Straight from Fresno to your tainted soul, it’s the latest episode of Dorktown Podcast. Expect some random talk about:

  • Firebaugh and CB radio podcasting.
  • Fresno concert talk.
  • Stray Clovis bike racers and soul killing marathon.
  • The Podcast Gods speak.
  • Wooded Oregon strip clubs.
  • DORKLINE: Reid call stirs a music debate.
  • MUSIC BREAK: The Mallard.
  • CALL IN: Bubba’s Gizzard.
  • OR GAME: Pyramid stye.
  • Mikey loses his shit.

LISTEN BY DOWNLOADING (or streaming) HERE!: Bubbasgizzarddorktown115.mp3

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