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Dork Approved: Swede Fest 12

Fresno is the epicenter of Swedes. What the hell are we talking about here? Well (kinda unfortunately) we’re not talking tall beautiful blonde people with fun accents. We’re talking about a sorta new genre of movie making.

If you remember the Jack Black movie “Be Kind Rewind” you might know what ‘swed-ing’ a film is. If not, read this. Or just accept that is a short version of an existing movie, scene or trailer. A lovingly done version. A version done in the dorkiest and most low budget way possible – that’s the art of it.

Lucky for us Fresnans we have our own festival devoted to this style of filmmaking called Swede Fest. Fresno was the only city with its own festival until it spawned others. So yes, Fresno is the center of a film genre. Beat that, Vancouver.

The latest Swede Fest (#12) had a solid batch of entries. PLUS it even had one involving podcast icon, Chris Hardwick, as Luke Skywalker, swede-ing the trench run scene. Haven’t been able to find the full version of it online but there is a short bootleg version. Luckly all the others are online, including our favorites, a mash-up from Dead In 60 Years:

And Napoleon Dynamite, done by some kids from a daycare campus (which makes it way more awesome):

Pool Mics: Dorktown Podcast #145

Welcome back, you. Welcome back to the Dorktown patio. The dorks are poolside and mic’d, talking about Sammy Hagar’s afro, Dorks calling in, stealing from the Sporkful, are the Foo Fighters coming to Fresno?, music break, the podcast worlds biggest Libertarian calls in, Fonzy Eyys and a dip in the pool.

Click and listen: PoolMicDorktown145.mp3


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Dorktown’s Top Ten Podcasts From July!

Our Dorktown Top Ten Podcasts list is back from a new month of listening to the good stuff. This is what we listen to and enjoyed the most this past July. Hope you check them out yourself and support the kick-ass-open-to-all format of podcasting.


  1. Ear Candy
  2. Professor Blastoff
  3. WTF – With Marc Maron
  4. Mohr Stories
  5. You Made It Weird
  6. Nerdist
  7. Todd Glass
  8. The Mutant Season
  9. Girl On Guy
  10. The Session

Others receiving votes: Amplified, Todd Glass, Comedy Bang Bang, BullseyeWho Charted?


  1. Growler Radio
  2. Wost Friends
  3. Craft Beer Talk
  4. Firnecast
  5. The Married Gamers
  6. Mostly Harmless With Dammit Damian
  7. Dead In 60 Years
  8. Concert Daze 
  9. Food Is The New Rock.
  10. Podcheese.

Others receiving votes: Tiny Odd Conversations, Brothers From Different Mothers, Drunkards Call.

There are more that Dorktown and our contributors listen to, but those are the tops from July. If you have a suggestion of what Dorks should be listening (or not listening to), leave a comment and let everyone know. This feature is here to support the podcast scene and will be back at the beginning of each month with a new Top Ten.

Remotely Drunk – Dorktown #119

We just had a lot of fun with this one. Too much? Yes. Annoying sometimes? Yes. But good times. Dorktown’s first ever guest, Aaron “The La Selva Beach Connection” comes back and gets rude with the gang. As usual we talk (over each other) about: Fresno, Clovis, craft beer, beer beer, Gold Lays, sexy Armenians, extra holes, other podcasts and so on. We also play a mega Or Game/Forit Or Againit/Is It Metal.

Make sure to listen for the remotes with Dead In 60 Years!! Plus some live Light Thieves and we play the new Fierce Creatures. BONUS remote with the mom older sister of Whitney Freeman from Achievement House. There may even be a “Bert” Easter Egg in a remote or two.

It gets real “drunk-y” so be warned. Have a listen:

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Dorks In 60 Years – Dorktown #114

It happened once over at DI60Y: two local fowl-mouthed and swarthy podcasters coming together on one episode. You would have thought these two would’ve learned from that episode never to ‘cross streams’ again – too much shit talking for one person’s ears to take.
They did not learn. In this episode of Dorktown, a majority of the DI60Y crew joins Bells, Mikey and Producer B in the Dork studio for a meta local podcast. There’s talk of:

  • Bullard parties.
  • Podcast history lessons.
  • DI60Y’s beginnings.
  • The crews current local video project, Who Eats Brunch.
  • How do you get free beer?
  • REMOTE: More meta podcasting with the Married Gamers.
  • Manchester Barhouse. 
  • Getting in trouble from podcasting.
  • Local celeb loving and bashing.
  • Will DI60Y make a Swede this time?
  • Pagers ruled.

Everybody has regrets after this one. You should totally listen.

To hear this, stream or download this file:

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Dorktown Episode 94 – Will Be Dead In 60 Years (we hope)

  • Bells may need to take over content control of Dorktown.
  • Trumpet Solo may be ending (the Dorktown Band Jinx lives).
  • A report from Aaron the La Selva Beach Connection is asked which is better? Santa Cruz’s the Catalyst or Fresno’s Fulton 55.
  • Dorkline Sexline Hotline.
  • Reid suggestions Kopi should be on SNL. Kopi’s Hairpiece attempts to respond.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Fierce Creatures “Ships To Shore”.
  • A subtle F.U.S.E. Fest announcement.
  • REMOTE: At Fulton 55 with Brad and some of the Dead In 60 Years crew.
  • Fonzy Eyyss.

Listen in by downloading this: Dorktown94.mp3

Or streaming this:


Opening music: Trumpet Solo “Hard Working Economy”

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