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Ain’t That Right, Uh Huh?: Dorktown 209


This episode, there’s “Knife Talk”, some actual serious talk about guns, the magic of Orlando Bloom’s nakedness, Bells and Becky give The Perfect Pour some constructive criticism,  Chew Your Beer gives us a call and plenty of Or Game questions to CHEW on (with an epic Bells rant), plus, greatest Little Rascal of All Time!

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Donald Trump – Fresno – Dio – Cerro Victoria – Chupacabra – D’Chips – Episode 47

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-Here we are, download this NSFW beast: doritochipdorksEP47.mp3

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You’ll be listening to this:
DORKTOWN BREAKDOWN: Donald Trump, PGA and Running Horse. Sammy makes 80 mil’. Save Mart’s “Victory Lane” sucked. James Dio comes to Fresno.

-Clip of Bryan Garza – from “Scissors for Lefty” – calling Dorktown [turn your volume down on this one.] The full interview can be found HERE.
-Sanger stories.
-VALLEY PODCAST REPORT: Mike Oz’ Local Music Podcast. A Move on UP podcast has started. Flowing With Famous loses Jarah.
-Bells doesn’t know what a Chupacabra is.\
-There are all kinds of Maddog 20/20
-Los Angeles band, Cerro Victoria, gets Dorktown play; catch them in Fresno on July 5th at the Crossroads.
-Dorktown gets a call from…um…South of someone’s border…
-Fonzy Ehhss: Capistrano, Rosa Lindas Mexican restaurant, Maroo and more sushi in Fresno, Said the Gun to the Girl, Pizzaland, Love the Captive, everybody on our MySpace page and every Fresno Famous user.
-Dorktown FU’s

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