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The Dork Awakens: Dorktown Podcast #196


Our winter podcasting break is finally over! We begin 2016 with our review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Quite possibly the latest review of TFA on the Internet.

Don’t worry, if you’re trying to remain spoiler free (really, still?), we saved it for the final segment of the show. Before that we review what we liked (and maybe didn’t like) about 2015 – including our picks for podcasts of the year!

Plus we review some indie beer and play some Puscifer – don’t sue us, Maynard.

Thanks for hanging with our consistently inconsistent schedule of shows!

LISTEN: TheDorkAwakens196.mp3
Explicit | 31 MB | 1:10

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I Wanna Get Dorky Tonight!: Dorktown Podcast #158


We dorkcast about such things as:

  • Stop it with the Facebook lookbacks already.
  • A tiny tribute to “Brendt” from Big Lebowski.
  • Dorktline calls.
  • “You Remember When?”
  • MUSIC BREAK: Le Wolves.
  • The President is coming to Fresno and Red Frank gives not a crap.
  • Carl’s JRs and $10,000.
  • Fonzy Eyys!
  • Star Wars updates!


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Star Wars VII – Dork Summit #2


Star Wars nerds convene again to discuss the latest Star Wars news. Like: what they believe will happen in Episode VII, JJ Abrams, general
rumors, what the one-offs will be and much more Star Wars dorkness.

*Heads up to Dorktown Podcast fans: This is not a normal Dorktown episode but is still just and dorky.

The Jedi Nerd Council for this Dork Summit are: Bryan Harley (Jedi Squirrels,
Dumb Drum, Swede Fest), Lefty Brown (The Married Gamers) and Mikey
(Dorktown, Perfect Pour, Flowing With Famous).
Click to listen: StarWarsDorkSummit2.mp3

*Song by Neskimos. Mix by Mikey.