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Landing Strip Dorks – Dorktown #124

Dorktown #124 is here and less drunk (which doesn’t necessarily mean its sober). You can listen for these things and more!:

  • Mikey may need to look into AA. 
  • Fresno closings and future drinking possibilities in The No.
  • Indie podcasts are friendly to Dorktown (or pretend to be anyway).
  • Crap stories…yep.
  • Dorktown Hotline calls.
  • More indie podcast loving.
  • Music Break: Strange Vine “Sleepwalker” 
  • Or Game and ForItOrAgainit? are played (Listen for swinging penis!)
  • Fonzy Eyys.
  • Live call-in from a woman’s “Landing Strip”.

Click the file to listen: DorktownLandingStrips124.mp3

Please go out and have a nice craft beer from our friends at Tioga Sequoia!

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