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Triple Deuced. Dorktown Podcast #222


Rieeeeed! We are back to hang out with you and play games. In fact, we play a very brotherly style Or Game, along with some It’ll Grow Back, and maybe give out a Netflix reco or two.

Wake up, Louie. WAKE UP! It’s Dorktown, Episode 222!

Click!: Dorktown222.mp3
32.6MB | 1:11:12 | Very fowl language!

Thank you for hanging with us.


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Fake Chow, Tank Tops and Aroma Comas: Dorktown Podcast #190


Geeez. Holy geeez.

We give yet another lesson in how not to drink too much beer before podcasting. A little bit? Perfect. A lot? Not good.

One dude just wears a towel the whole time and asks if he should start wearing tank tops.

Try to enjoy. At least Josh and Hillz Billz is on to make it almost work.

This one is a shower AND a grower:

LISTEN: dorktownchowpodcast.mp3


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Famous Dork Parts: Podcast 38

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It wouldn’t be a Dorktown Podcast without audio problems; ignore the buzzing and please listen to/download podcast 38 – in two parts:

PART ONE: dtownfamous38Part1.mp3
PART TWO: dtownfamous38part2.mp3

*You can also go to the Dorktown Podcast Blog to use the players and get more information on the show.

LANGUAGE WARNING: There’s a lot of naughty talk, take care listening.

Jarah and Joshua straighten out all of the Bee Famous controversy.
-What will happen to Famous when Sour Grapes goes away?
-What’s the new name of Joshua’s blog?
-Will Jarah post after she’s gone?
-Bells still needs nude pics.
-Who painted over Marilyn?
-Clovis West sucks.
-Josh explains It’ll Grow Back’s name and Sweeds. (END OF PART ONE)

-Bells puts a girl in a hospital at Fresno State AIR GUITAR!
-Jarah’s not a Van Halen fan but she does like Extreme.
-Fresno trivia.
-What happened to Fagan’s?
-Strip club debate.
-Fulton Mall traffic.
-Dorktown Podcast spin off?
-The Fresno Bee folks kick ass.
-Don’t fuck with Wham! Wham Wrap ’07.
-The Fonzy Eeeeehhhh’ssss – Thanks Tony D’, Jarah, Josh and Reid.


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Podcast 36: Grog Dorks

Download this show: Podcast36.mp3 [48:56] – yep, it’s a longin. If you don’t like downloading, just hang and listen to the show on our Odeo player below.

Bells dissing C's CD collection

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You will be hearing stuff like this:

-There are some new Fresno podcasts: Redwave Podcast and Dixiecast – we rip the hell out of their Fresno hating asses.
-High Horse comes back. C rips on people that…rip Fresno.
-Fresno/’Frisco and all of California’s enviroments.
-Bells is pissed-off about Adam Carolla talking all kinds of Fresno.
-“Live” remote from new Fresno/Clovis bar, Grogs.
-Fresno DUI Checkpoints rule all other cities.
-Sounds Of Fresno game returns.
-Another Grogs pub remote.
-Coach Manchu calls the Dorkline – 559-224-2483.
Dave Childers lights-up the Dorkline with big news about the Fresno Bee’s “Get Out” monthly.
-Post your pictures to the new: Dorktown Picture Pool!!
-C is a weirdo.
-It is the Fonzy Eeeehhhhhss: Joel, Fresno Bee Hive, Hectic Films, Tony D’, 80’s Oakland A’s pitchers, Heros Comics, Kevin Smith and Mallrats…
-Keep your head up for the Pod-a-Thon on podcast 37.
-Another Grogs remote.