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I Wanna Get Dorky Tonight!: Dorktown Podcast #158


We dorkcast about such things as:

  • Stop it with the Facebook lookbacks already.
  • A tiny tribute to “Brendt” from Big Lebowski.
  • Dorktline calls.
  • “You Remember When?”
  • MUSIC BREAK: Le Wolves.
  • The President is coming to Fresno and Red Frank gives not a crap.
  • Carl’s JRs and $10,000.
  • Fonzy Eyys!
  • Star Wars updates!


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What Are You Listening To: Jason Tabrys – Disasterpiece Theatre

Since the demise of the Podcast Rankings, we’ve been yearning for other ways to connect with and feature podcasts on the blog. Podcasts we, as big podcast listeners, might be missing. So we’ve started a new feature on the blog called “What YOU Are Listening To”. We ask podcasting friends what shows they’ve been enjoying lately and put them up here to…hear. Hope you enjoy discovering, along with us, what some of our favorite podcasters are listening to.

First up, Jason, from our favorite nerd news podcast, BastardCast.

My name is Jason Tabrys, semi-prestigious internet word writer, podcaster, and person who can put his whole fist in his mouth.
disasterpieceI’m one of those people that usually only listens to fancy famous people podcasts like Harmontown and WTF, but there are a couple of indie shows that I occasionally check out. The cast I am about to tell you about is not one of those.I’m going to tell you about Disasterpiece Theatre. Now, here is me telling you about it.A couple of years ago, I captained a small band of writer people for a now dead site called — perhaps you’ve never heard of it.
While doing that, I had a few absurdly talented writers who are doubtlessly still embarrassed by the fact that I got to briefly call myself their editor. One of those absurdly talented writers was Alex White. Alex, like a few of the others, has only gone on to greatness since leaving my tainting grasp.
Are you familiar with the website Reddit? Alex built that. Also, he was nominated for an Academy Award for the Buzkashi Boys short film.Quite a doer. These things are lies. I don’t know what he’s been up to, we wrote together on the internet for a blink two years ago, but he’s a cool guy and he had mentioned his podcast, Disasterpiece Theatre, and I checked it out.Then I didn’t listen again for a long-assed time. I may have told him that I did. I may be an asshole. Anyway, I’ve gone back to the show a few times since then and when I got the chance to write about another indie cast, I wanted to tell you about this one.Why? Well, Alex and his co-host Stephen Granade (and producer Brooke Fox) know how to put on a good show. This is a smart show and a pro product with fantastic sound quality, great chemistry, and a spectacular flow. It’s also got a great premise.

Basically, Disasterpiece Theatre skewers the Hollywood system by firing funny mental buckshot on a weekly basis as they pitch some of the greatest and most bizarre never were movies in the history of… all of it.

I’m listening now… “Down Periscope was an amazing movie” and “It’s all about Obelisks” just flew into my ears. It’s a weird and brilliant show that makes me laugh.

Go listen.Disasterpiece Theatre can be found on iTunes. Probably other places as well. Use Google or, whatever, is Bing still a thing? Alta Vista?

The Newness: Alcohollywood, Fortnight on the Internets and Toxic Twins Happy Hour

“The Newness” is a new segment for the Dorktown blog. We take a look (or a listen, actually) to some podcasts we haven’t noticed much before. Here are a few. toxictwins


It’s always a little tough to be listening with too serious of a ear to a podcast in its first few episodes. But, it’s also fun to get in on the ground floor. That’s what I’m doing with Toxic Twins Happy Hour. It’s starting out as a beer and music podcast, we’ll see if hosts Reid and Rob stay on that path. I hope they do because I love both topics and like how they do it in a relaxed style. I even can forgive the fact that they are not in the same studio while they record because it still sounds good. They use the Google Hangout method instead of the classic podcaster method of Skype – it seems Google Hangouts sound better than Skype ‘casts but that may be isolated to Toxic Twins. Either way it’s metal.


Oh man. Where has this one been!? This is what a modern era podcast is all about. Great mix of new music, Internet news and just plain coolness. Alpine and Alison sound pro (and I suspect Alison may be a former radio-er from the sound of it) but they don’t overdue the pro-style and still keep it podcast-real. Looking forward to more episodes.


Drinking games and movie breakdowns. Thumbs up to that shit. These boys pick a movie, or take suggestions from listeners. They watch it, review it and develop a drinking game exclusive to the movie. Didn’t like how much they tore up Mallrats and Kevin Smith (he certainly isn’t perfect – especially as a Director) but maybe they don’t get Kev. But it’s cool, I still respect them. Smooth content and they keep you entertained with their nerdness. Drink it in and listen up.

Alright, well now I have to get back to finding more unkown-to-us podcasts to post about. Email us if you have one you think we should add to our Stitcher.

Dorktown Podcast Rankings: Where The Hell Did They Go?

Dorktown has been doing a monthly Podcast Rankings. A rankings that feature what I’ve been listening to over the past month, plus what some people around me have been listening to.

It started because there really wasn’t anything like it around the Internet. No real voice for the independent podcast trying to get some traction.  Once in a while one will show up in iTunes’ “New and Noteworthy” or Stitcher’s  “Top Movers” but that’s about it. So I thought I could do a monthly look at some indie podcasts in a rankings style. I love sports rankings (even College Baseball’s Top 25) and used to love Rollings Stone’s top 100 songs (back when they were a music magazine….). So why not do a podcasts version of them? It has been fun doing it and it’s gotten a bit of traction.

But… it turns out, after doing the rankings for a while, I feel like a dick. PODCAST RANKINGS

I hate moving people down in the rankings. Podcasts I like, but, for whatever reason, I felt needed to be moved down. Then they are all “What the hell?” and I’m all “Damn I feel like a dick.” and they’re all “Well you are a dick!” and I’m all “Yeah, you’re kinda right.”

Really. Who the hell am I to be judging podcasts? I’ve been podcasting for a long time but whatever. Still feel like a douche judging other podcasters. So I’m out.

BUT! I’m not out entirely. I will be starting regular blog posts on this webiste that will be a podcast column of sorts. Doing features of what we’ve been listening to in the past week, maybe some news items, whatever. Posts that I feel like less of a douche writing.

So keep listening to podcasts. Keep emailing us stuff to listen to, listen to our shows, kicks some ass, have a beer, kick some more ass and podcast.


Donald Trump – Fresno – Dio – Cerro Victoria – Chupacabra – D’Chips – Episode 47

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-Here we are, download this NSFW beast: doritochipdorksEP47.mp3

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You’ll be listening to this:
DORKTOWN BREAKDOWN: Donald Trump, PGA and Running Horse. Sammy makes 80 mil’. Save Mart’s “Victory Lane” sucked. James Dio comes to Fresno.

-Clip of Bryan Garza – from “Scissors for Lefty” – calling Dorktown [turn your volume down on this one.] The full interview can be found HERE.
-Sanger stories.
-VALLEY PODCAST REPORT: Mike Oz’ Local Music Podcast. A Move on UP podcast has started. Flowing With Famous loses Jarah.
-Bells doesn’t know what a Chupacabra is.\
-There are all kinds of Maddog 20/20
-Los Angeles band, Cerro Victoria, gets Dorktown play; catch them in Fresno on July 5th at the Crossroads.
-Dorktown gets a call from…um…South of someone’s border…
-Fonzy Ehhss: Capistrano, Rosa Lindas Mexican restaurant, Maroo and more sushi in Fresno, Said the Gun to the Girl, Pizzaland, Love the Captive, everybody on our MySpace page and every Fresno Famous user.
-Dorktown FU’s

Click to download and hang: doritochipdorksEP47.mp3

Show contact: