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Dork Approved: Swede Fest 12

Fresno is the epicenter of Swedes. What the hell are we talking about here? Well (kinda unfortunately) we’re not talking tall beautiful blonde people with fun accents. We’re talking about a sorta new genre of movie making.

If you remember the Jack Black movie “Be Kind Rewind” you might know what ‘swed-ing’ a film is. If not, read this. Or just accept that is a short version of an existing movie, scene or trailer. A lovingly done version. A version done in the dorkiest and most low budget way possible – that’s the art of it.

Lucky for us Fresnans we have our own festival devoted to this style of filmmaking called Swede Fest. Fresno was the only city with its own festival until it spawned others. So yes, Fresno is the center of a film genre. Beat that, Vancouver.

The latest Swede Fest (#12) had a solid batch of entries. PLUS it even had one involving podcast icon, Chris Hardwick, as Luke Skywalker, swede-ing the trench run scene. Haven’t been able to find the full version of it online but there is a short bootleg version. Luckly all the others are online, including our favorites, a mash-up from Dead In 60 Years:

And Napoleon Dynamite, done by some kids from a daycare campus (which makes it way more awesome):

Dorktown Top Ten: Podcasts For May

Dorktown has decided to start a monthly list of what podcasts the Dorktown Podcast crew and select Dorktown listeners have been enjoying (or not enjoying) over the past month. We’ll try and average them out the best we can and rank them – although I’m pretty bad at math so don’t freak the fuck out if you think something should be ranked higher. It’ll be a combo of amount of listening and enjoyment from said listening.

There will be a Overall Top Ten and a (since we are/love local and indie) Indie Top Ten. And so we’re clear, if you’re a regular iTunes Top 100-er and/or are part of a major podcast network and have a sponsor (basically if is mentioned on your podcast), then you aint indie (and you probably don’t give two shiz about if you’re ranked here).

So let’s give this a shot.



  1. Todd Glass
  2. WTF – With Marc Maron
  3. Ear Candy
  4. Mohr Stories
  5. Nerdist
  6. The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
  7. Professor Blastoff
  8. The Fort Podcast
  9. Weird Adults
  10. The Married Gamers


  1. The Married Gamers
  2. Dead In 60 Years
  3. Portland Adventure Hour
  4. Podcrash
  5. Duke’s World
  6. Funemployment Radio
  7. Succotash
  8. Wost Friends
  9. Unkempt Show
  10. Pool Party Radio

There’s a lot more I personally listen to and Dorktown contributors listen to, but that’s the top for last month. Hey, if you have a suggestion of what Dorks should be listening or not listening to, leave a comment or email This feature will be back at the end of June with a new Top Ten.