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I Wanna Get Dorky Tonight!: Dorktown Podcast #158


We dorkcast about such things as:

  • Stop it with the Facebook lookbacks already.
  • A tiny tribute to “Brendt” from Big Lebowski.
  • Dorktline calls.
  • “You Remember When?”
  • MUSIC BREAK: Le Wolves.
  • The President is coming to Fresno and Red Frank gives not a crap.
  • Carl’s JRs and $10,000.
  • Fonzy Eyys!
  • Star Wars updates!


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We’ll Just Edit This Out – Dorktown #116

Dorktown has returned with more beer, stories of Bubba, F-Bombs, hashtags, thank yous to Todd Glass and virgins. Listen, won’t you!?

Download: justeditthisoutdorktown116.mp3

Length 58:29
Warren Armstrong and President Obama interview.
Fashawn’s “One More Try
Russian River Brewing.

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