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This Is Your Wake Up Call, Bodhi: Dorktown #199


Leave Barbara Bush alone, you mean people. She knows it all. Know that, listener. Also know these things as you listen to a new Dorktown.

  • There is rambling. Rambling and yelling at Mikey. Plenty of yelling at Mikey.
  • Mikey takes the hit for the team and tries the Quesalupa and then there’s a Taco Bell “Or Game”!
  • A mysterious sound stops the show.
  • MUSIC BREAK: “Bounty Hunters” from RoyKsopp off the “Star Wars Headspace” album.
  • Bells brings over an amazing new beer from House Of Pendragon Brewing and we talk a little #indiebeer and Mikey gets a little nuts about beer culture and Lagunitas.
  • A little bit of Star Wars talk.

Listen here!: DorktownPodcast199.mp3
 23.8 MB | 52:11 | Explicit!

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We Cut This Shiz Right In Front Of You – Dorktown Podcast #153


The Dork-threesome is back to hang out at talk stuff. Here’s some of the stuff:

  • We scramble-fucked everyone’s dork heads.
  • Empty condoms.
  • There are no more video stores.
  • We all need a cool donut shop.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Rademacher “Herndon & 99“.
  • Truck Lizards.
  • The greatest podcast promo ever done.
  • Armenian beer: Kickstart this.
  • Fonzy Eyyees.
  • AFTERSHOW: Ice Cube show coming to Fresno. Where’s Dan?

Listen here!:

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Drunk Town – Dorktown #113

Dorktown is back to hang out, drink some beer with you and maybe trade a Fresno drinking story or two. Listen for stuff like:

  • Another Chewbacca and the Rhythm Wookiees shout out.
  • It’s Dove nesting season in Fresno.
  • Beer Dork segment: Mikey was a late beer drinker, Bells was an early scotch drinker, Fig Orchard parties and what not.
  • Music break: The Dirty Stomp.
  • Podcasts rule.
  • A beer themed “Or Game”!
  • Why would Bells go to the Hunger Games?
  • Fonzy Eyyys.

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