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Never Look Crazy In The Eye | Dorktown 230

Dorktown Podcast 230

Bells tells a story. We play an Or Game. There is a surprise call or two. Clovis and Rambo are referenced. You know, classic Dorktown.

What? Like we haven’t been here the whole time?

Click to download: Dorktown230.mp3

25.5MB | 55:55 | Fowl Language!


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Like. This is, Like. Like, Dorktown. [EP206]


Mikey has issues. Things he has been trying to fix for years but has yet to. Time to turn to Producer Becky, Bells and the Dorktown Listener for help.

For somebody that’s been podcasting for 11 years, Mikey still has a giant speaking crutch that he can’t get rid of and is finally owning up to it. Please help the man.

Plus there will be a Or Game conducted by Bells, a forever listener that comes through the Dorktown Studio to discuss the old days of local podcasting. And, most of all, we say goodbye to a couple podcasters we love.

All this and more things to dork out about, on the latest Dorktown.

CLICK TO LISTEN: LikeDorktownPodcast206.mp3


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Something Is Off – Dorktown #137

Every once in a while a weird episode comes along. An episode where nothing really takes off. This is sorta one of those episodes. There are still moments maybe worth hearing though just if you’re brave we’ve got some stuff for ya:

  • New website for Dorktown:
  • An old man horn-dog alert is issued for the Fresno area.
  • Is Strange Vine borrowing from Red Frank (the answer is no).
  • Fairfax Brewfest is pretty white.
  • Music break: Farooq “Goats”
  • Or Game (with a game theme).
  • Bells tells everyone on Twitter they need to lose weight.
  • Apple hates Fresno.
  • Clovis border wars.
  • Fonzy Eyyys.

Listen here by downloading or stream it:

Dorktown 137 – Something Is Off

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Bubba’s Gizzard and Oregon Stripping – Dorktown #113

Straight from Fresno to your tainted soul, it’s the latest episode of Dorktown Podcast. Expect some random talk about:

  • Firebaugh and CB radio podcasting.
  • Fresno concert talk.
  • Stray Clovis bike racers and soul killing marathon.
  • The Podcast Gods speak.
  • Wooded Oregon strip clubs.
  • DORKLINE: Reid call stirs a music debate.
  • MUSIC BREAK: The Mallard.
  • CALL IN: Bubba’s Gizzard.
  • OR GAME: Pyramid stye.
  • Mikey loses his shit.

LISTEN BY DOWNLOADING (or streaming) HERE!: Bubbasgizzarddorktown115.mp3

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