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We Are The Leader Of Losers – Dorktown Podcast #155

Podcast beefs. We talk about how fun they are to listen to and watch on Twitter.

Adam Carrola. He came to Fresno and there was a epic fail from a Fresnan.

Heaven/The Afterlife. Is it a thing? What do you want to do once you get there.

Music. We play some Sparklejet and enjoy the hell out of it.

Nerd Talk. Mikey tries to get Bells and Producer Becky to talk some nerd news and it works…sometimes.

Fonzy Eyyyeess. We give them to folks like Bastard Cast, Homeland Podcast and more things.



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Dork Wars – Dorktown EP 126

Dude, you didn’t think that the Dork Summit was the end of the Disney buys Lucasfilm talk, did you? This is fucking Dorktown, my nerfherder. Yep, we still can’t get off Star Wars as Lucas hater, Cousin Trent, calls in from Phoenix to dork-in on the news. He also gives us some James Bond & Indy talk. There’s a nice music break from Sparklejet, voicemails are played, there is a new “Is It Metal?” and, of course, some Fonzy Eyys.

Download or Stream: DorkWarsDorktown126.mp3

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‘Legit Town’ with Mike Oz – Dorktown #110

It took many many years and a 64 ounce soda but the Fresno Bee’s Mike Osegueda finally visits Dorktown… errr Legit Town. Lots of Fresno-y things were dorked about, stuff like this:

  • Would Mike Oz ever leave Fresno.
  • Mike Oz says goodnight to Swear Bear every night.
  • Kids Day: watch for traffic, foos.
  • Mikey sucks ass at asking questions.
  • Blogging: It’s over.
  • Weirdest celebrity interview for Oz.
  • Mark McGuire: Dick.
  • Fresno Beehive is Mike’s baby.
  • Bentley’s Goatee rules all.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Sparklejet.
  • Meth tourism.
  • Good local music.
  • Ozmosis.
  • The top Fresno region “celebs” are?…
  • Gotta Love Fresno.
  • OR GAME!
  • HIGH HORSE: Fulton 55.
  • Timmy T and Mia Torres.

Listen by clicking this below:

Also, make sure to listen to Ozmosis, go to the Beehive Party and check out ValleyWho.

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