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Eating OUT Fresno – Dorktown #120

This one won’t make the Podcast Hall Of Fame but we’re posting in anyway, because, well, we had fun. The Dorktown gang hangs out and talks all kinds of local and what nots:

  • Laser Quest must be a front.
  • Tioga Sequoia Brewing has hooked Bells.
  • A review (sorta) of the Catacomb Party and the Fulton Mall.
  • Forit Or Againit: Bringing the COCO Bobblehead to Fresno.
  • Fresno Home and Garden Show: Horrid.
  • Castillo’s impresses.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Werebear “Night Of The Werebear”
  • Podcaster advice.
  • BEER DORK: Beer mules and Dust Bowl Brewing.
  • REMOTE: Spokeasy’s.

LISTEN HERE: Dorktown120.mp3

More Notes:

Dead In 60’s Catacomb Party video.
Ear Candy podcast.
FUSE Fest.

Support Tioga Sequoia Brewing because they are big supporters of Craft Beer, Downtown Fresno and Fresno podcasts!

Check out Dorktown’s home, leave a kickass review on iTunes, like their Face and Tweet’um… you know… if you have the time or whatever.

Dorktown Episode 91

New Dorktown is up and ready for listening. Like usual, it can get uncomfortable in places – That’s What She Said. Listen up for things like:

  • Bullard Knights: new uni’s and a new school district?
  • Does having a storage unit in North Fresno count as having a North Fresno address?
  • Chris Colfer does a little Clovis bashing.
  • Does Buffalo Wild Wings pace drinking?
  • Greenhouse, Swiggs, BB’s and Fresno Karoque.
  • Will anyone care about a Dorktown 6th Anniversary Party.
  • ‘Live’ report from Fulton 55 with Joshua Tehee.
  • Music break: It’ll Grow Back “I Got Mine”.
  • NEW CALL IN LINE!! “DORKLINE” (559) 492-0542 – anytime, day or night, drunk or sober.
  • Join Dorktown at Fulton 55 for Mo-Fo Party, Saturday.
  • Social D at Rainbow Ballroom.
  • Portlandia should be spawning a Freslandia.
  • Fresno Wiffleball League interest?
  • Fonzy Eyysss: Tioga Brewing, Disneyland Fairy Princess… area?, KYNO baseball.
  • Bells on Twitter?

Download or play: Dorktown91.mp3 [42:07]

Dorktown – Episode 91

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Pliny The Elder – Dorktown Podcast EP85

It’s been time for Dorktown to do a show from the road for a while now. So why not do one during a friend of the show’s birthday party, a one Aaron “The La Selva Beach Connection”? There is no music in this episode (sorry) because it’s from the road, but you’ll hear such things as:

  • Bad Casa De Fruta humor.
  • Pliny The Elder is the real King Of Beers.
  • Run-ins with the Highway Patrol.
  • Hard rock works at Woodward Park.
  • Aaron’s party begins and the Plinys are opened.
  • Drunk party jibberish.
  • A very hungover ride home to Fresno.

To listen, download the file: dorktownEpisode85.mp3

*There are a couple rare edits during this episode, but trust us, they had to be done [drunk jibber jabber]. Email the show: or

Also, don’t forget Dorktown’s Facebook and to search for Dorktown on iTunes.

Dorktown Podcast – Episode 84

Dorktown At Dorktown, we try to make the podcast as difficult to listen to as possible so we’re left with the “true fan”. Either that or we’re just a bunch of idiots with beer and some occasionally working microphones.

In this episode, one douchebag’s mic is louder than the other (the WHOLE episode) and the opening music overpowers the douchey talk. If you can handle that (and occasional nasty dialog), have a listen to the latest Dorktown:

Download: dorktown84.mp3 [39:32]

Or use the player:

If you listen you can expect: Fresno radio talk, too many Fresno burger options, Bell’s old Suzuki Samurai story, Journey talk?, Bells knows no FuSE Fest artists, Central Fresno fighting, Fonzy aayyys.

Music featured: Trumpet Solo. Say Swear.

Show contacts:,

Be a fan: Facebook page.

Dorktown 34: Atomic Dork

Download this now: AtomicCast34.mp3 and you will hear bad audio with things like:

-Is KRZR going away???
-Borat movie is taking over all of Fresno.
-Illegal Edwards theatre audio.
-Steve Perry albums.
-The Atomic Punks sound dead on VH in San Dieg. The audio goes to hell. Can you hear anybody talking? I can’t.
-Should Van Halen be in the Hall Of Fame with Gary?
-K-Fed gets kicked out. Dorktown wrote about it: Chech it here!
-Dorktown has a YouTube Dorktown Channel
Dorktown Odeo Channel.
-Give out the Eeeeeehhhhsssss.

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Podcast 33: San Diego drunk dorks

Don’t download this show if you don’t like hearing the “F” word or listening to drunk fools. If you’re okay with that, try downloading this: SanDiegoDorks.mp3

Here is what to expect after downloading:

-Four drunks.
Dorktown travels to San Diego to appease a listener.
-Memories of The Green House…sorta.
-An attempt at a Fresno State football discussion.
-A drunkin’ breakdown.
-On air squabbling.
-Show starts to implode.
-Tower Records memories.
-The host has a breakdown.
-More attempts at a Tower discussion.
-The worst Fonzy Ehhhhhhsss ever.

If you don’t want to download the show, try using our player:

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***Check out our Odeo Channel.

*Email Bells: Write to Bells

*Email MikeyC: MikeyC

Email Ford
Email Derek

Borat is a Dork – Episode 32

Content is rude and language is raw, if you’re okay with that then download this:

-Live (“live” meaning taped) from Curry Village, Bells goes down.
-Out of town Dorktown listeners write in to bitch.
-SoCal, OrCal and FresCal.
-I hope you wake-up with…
-Yosemite Valley report: COPS CURRY VILLAGE.
-Dorktown has a new Youtube channel: Dorktown Channel
-Top five Taco Bells in Fresno.
-The Big..big…BIG…BiG Fresno Fair.
Fresno Famous segment gets pushed back.
-Dorktown gets out with the Eeeeehhhhhsss.
-Atwater produces.
Fresno Falcon reports are coming on this damn podcast.

boratdork32.mp3 [30:26]

Dorktown Podcast: Drunkisode 31

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You gots to waits for this download; it’s long and drunk episodedork31.mp3 (52:40).

Just click it and wait for the download…it’s long. But don’t listen to it at work unless you have headphones cause there is a lot of RAW LANGUAGE! There WILL be a point where you’ll get disgusted.

-You’ve Got The Ass comes back.
-We can’t hear Bells and C is too loud…is this a good or bad thing? It’s bad, we can’t hear Bells…not having a sound engineer sucks.
-Chris Daniels references.
-Bells is still single.
-C challenges people to get nude.
-Sound Pollution doesn’t lie.
-The Police reunite in Fresno?

-Devoya Mayo gets her Dorktown Podcast interview – too bad it’s in the middle of this drunkcast. Devoya hosts Fresno’s best radio show Move On Up (located on 88.1, 7:00 pm every Friday), you really should listen.

-George’s monkey is set free.
-West and Sheilds stories.
-Dry Hump King of Bullard High.

-The “OR GAME” is back in a strong way.

-The Fonzie Eeeeeeehhhhhssss.

episodedork31.mp3 (52:40)
Or try our new player:

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Dorktown 30: South Lake Fresno

Nobody really wanted us to make it to show 30, but we did. Just click on: dorktownis30.mp3 [36.05] and wait for the download.

**As per most our shows, this show has a WARNING: FOUL CONTENT (excessive use of the “P” word).

-Everybody’s getting laid in the Tower District but us.
-Email BELLS or C with show thoughts.
-The Mars Volta and Red Hot Chili Peppers come to Fresno and Dorktown was there.
-Selland’s better than Save Mart.
-No more beer at Fresno State games.
-The Greek Festival has no food.
-Song break: Populus with “The Night.”
-Audio from Bells’ weekend at South Lake Tahoe.
Move On Up has been goin’ for three years.

(dorktownis30.mp3 [36.05])

Tool Dorks – Podcast 29

Fresno Dorks, Tool Dorks, Wookiee Dorks, all should download this:tooldorks.mp3 (35:32)

Here is a small example of what you’ll find (as always, listen for the foul language):

-It’s all outdoors.
David Lee Roth deletes Dorktown?
-No, Los Angeles, YOU SUCK!
-A Point Break 2: Bohdi Lives script is on the way.
-Shotguns and Vodka.
-Meet up at The Badission.
-A way too complete Tool concert rundown.
-A lot of crotch talk.
-Classic Fresno train sounds.
Until April finally gets played on
-Beer is cooler than Chad.
-Guess who gets a Fonzy Eeeeehhhhh?
-Show 30, will it be better?