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I’m So Over It: Dorktown Podcast #194


We have a new game to play this week…ok, so we kinda stole it from our game “For It Or AgainIt” but still it’s, like, new.

Over It or Into It gets debut! Plus, Mikey makes some people feel very uncomfortable in an elevator. This week, on DORKTOWN!

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Now Available For Atari 2600!: Dorktown #173

Break over, time for dork:

  • Could you make a game out of Dorktown?
  • Podcasting advice, beers we’re drinking.
  • OR GAME: 80s/90s Bands – Edition #1.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Sharks of Dance “Sober Nights”.
  • What Arnold should have sounded like in Terminator.
  • We recommend some podcasts to listen to and then
  • Fonzy Eyyy our way out of this.

Direct download: DorktownPodcast173.mp3


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Dorks Are Metal – Dorktown #138

Joined by Aaron the LSB Connection and Derek “Snydley Whiplash”, Bells, Mikey and Producer Becky, Dorktown 138 covers some stuff like this:

  • Is It Metal?
  • Let’s Go Bowling show review.
  • First car stories.
  • Music break: HateFX “WDF”
  • Who is going to Coachella?
  • Fonzy Eyys.
  • Dorktown “After Show” with a brief “Boondoggle” and then a Van Halen discussion.

Listen by clicking this: dorksaremetalDorktown138.mp3

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More Dorktown Network podcasts include Flowing With Famous and The Perfect Pour.

Don’t forget to go out and have a nice craft beer from our Fresno Friends at Tioga Sequoia!

A Fresno Dork Holiday: Episode 54

Download Episode 54

-Was Milton Bradley bowling in Fresno?
-Fresno only needs a beach to be perfect.
-What’s your Fresno checklist?
-Too many damn new Fresno restaurants.
-Van Halen pre-concert talk; Wolfie vs. Michael, Dave vs. Sammy.
-Has Mikey defected to Flowing With Famous?
-Dorktown will go on forever.
-Fresno band, Victory Jump, get some Dorktown play.
-A special Fresno Holiday themed “OR GAME”
-Time for Fonzy Ehhhs: Johnny and Turtle from Love the Captive. The Fresno Beehive. Fresno bloggers Ed and Adam. Fresno State football and Coach Fu-Manchu.
-Go to Mikey’s blog The Fresnan and to Dorktown’s Myspace,

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EPISODE 51: Mikey and Bells suck

This show doesn’t always kickass from start to finish. Sometimes it never kicks any ass at all. Is Episode 51 one of those times? Find out by downloading: Download maxdorkepisode51.mp3 (22736.4K)

Or just hang and play this:

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This, as always, is Not Safe For Work and your baby’s ears. So ear-muff everyone else and listen too:

Van Halen coming to Fresno – Alice in Chains show reviewed – Smog City Roller Grrls’ bout vs SJ Vixens – Selling out to Mr. Rude – Armo running for Fresno Mayor – Fresno Fair is fried – Victory Grill is ehhh – Me-N-Eds the best pizza in Fresno? – Mikey Announces his Blog/Website – Fonzy Ehhhs.

Fresno Mayor Pimpin’: Podcast 39

C chokes Bells

PLEASE! Download Dorks Talkin’ Fresno smack: pimpinpodcast39.mpg [53:26]. Give it a little time, it’s a big one. You can also use the Odeo Player below.

-A quick talk about “rape” at Casa De Fruita.

-Is Dorktown going to upcoming Fresno rock shows?

Dorktown finally heads out to Madera and talks with Dave Childers about the demise of “Get Out”..

-Dorks try and break down the Police reunion and Van Halen Reuniting – Wolfie in, Mikie out.

-Mayor Bubba cuts a “Orange Aid” commercial.

-Madera remote ain’t done: Where’s the place to eat in Madera?

-An impromtu interview in the Club Fred bathroom with Boney of the Argyle Pimps.

-More Dave Childers interviewing, this time with Fresno music and club talk.

-Dorktown’s best listener calls the dorkline (559-224-2483) and requests a song for Wiffle Atlanta.

-Fonzy Ehhhs (keep checking the Message Board for deatails on podcast 40 and the “Pod-a-Thon”. Vote for Fresno’s Best Fresno band!

Dorktown Podcast “finishes-off” the Argyle Pimps
**Yes, we did “use” the unfortunate valley freeze to create a skit, but that doesn’t mean we are heartless towards what some families are going through right now. Bells and I encourage you to make a donation to Community Food Bank to help out.

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