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Yelling At People In Yosemite, Nude Germs and Man Scape Shops: Dorktown Podcast #187


Last one. Last episode before we’re 10. Yes we are about to hit a decade of podcasting and what have we learned? Not a damn thing.

This episode we will realise that cereal is nature perfect food, Mastadon is ‘metal’ on Spotify, yelling a people in Yosemite National Park is a very needed skill, Letterman was the best, there’s a problem with this year’s Podcast Movement and more!

Music break: Patrick Contreras (from the Dorktown patio many years ago).

Listen: 187DorktownPodcastWhereIsJK.mp3

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Uncle Andy – Dorktown #121

Uncle Andy (aka Producer Becky’s brother) sits in on a Dorktown for the first time and tells tales of things such as:

Growing up in Fresno, Portland culture and beer, the art of train hopping, the Ditch of Yosemite and the “weird” folks you see hiking Yosemite high country. Plus, Timmy T, camping stories and Producer Becky’s nickname she doesn’t want you to know.

Click to download or stream: DorktownEP121

Music break provided by College Kids.
The Fresno Urban Sound Experience is September 6th-8th.
Timmy T and his Key To The City.
“One More Try” by Timmy T.

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