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The Bushes Of Podcasting: Dorktown Podcast #197


Something is waiting in the bushes of podcasting… and it’s this episode of Dorktown.

Is Rick Dee’s still alive? It takes a while to figure out. Mikey also tries to rant about what’s wrong with the podcasting space right now but Becky and Bells won’t allow it and everyone goes to check their Linkedin account.

Oh and we also play a Star Wars “Or Game” with a villain theme. There’s a MUSIC BREAK from Bad Lip Reading’s “Bushes Of Love”. And something to think about: How fat will Axl Rose be for the Guns n’ Roses reunion tour?

Have some fun with us.

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We All Got A Chicken Duck Woman Thing Waiting For Us

Just have to say, I can’t get over how happy the Bad Lip Reading series makes me.

Some time ago, when most of us came upon the NFL and Game Of Thrones ones, I thought they were the best things I had ever seen. I found myself alone in a Subway restaurant laughing out loud like a crazy person.

Now that he’s done Star Wars, I’m convinced I’ll never be more entertained:

The ROTJ one might be the best ever. Steal my gravy: Read the rest of this entry