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The Only Way To Celebrate 10 Years Of Podcasting is a Pool Party, Dammit!: Dorktown #188

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How do you keep a podcast together for 10 years? Drinking. Lots of drinking. That’s what we do for Episode 188 of Dorktown – this also happens to be a party for said 10 years of podcasting but who is counting? We gather up friends and drink lots of beer. It just so happens those friends are most of the Dorktown Network family of podcasters.

Lots of fun was had as we podcast poolside, talk about old times, play a epic rock singer Or Game and have a couple special guest call in.

So hang on, here it is, a Dorktwon pool party!

LISTEN: dorktownpodcast10yearpoolparty.mp3

***Can’t tell you how sorry we are for all the mic stand bumping but we are outside, had 8 mics and 10 drunk people. So it was a big cat herding event.

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Networked: Flowing With Festivals, Drunk Pumpkins and Breaking Dorks

“Networked” is our blatant attempt to get you to listen to the latest episodes of our Dorktown Network podcasts.

The boys from Spanspek Muisc & Art Festival stop by to talk about their Orosi festival and Fresno’s F.U.S.E. Fest. Plus some added Fulton Mall talk. Click and listen to the Fresnoness.

You are bound by the craft beer podcasting bi-laws to have at least one pumpkin beer episode. It’s a pumpkin beer battle and more in the latest Perfect Pour.

Maybe 150 episodes doesn’t sound like a lot but when you grind it out over 8 years, it becomes a LITTLE bit more impressive. No? Mmmmka. Well here is Dorktown’s 150th anyways: AmildviolatonDorktown150.mp3

The Perfect Pour: “Double Dry Hopped” Perfect Pour Podcast #10

perfect10We’re happy to welcome back Tioga Sequoia reps, Greg (aka Beerocrat) and Perfect Pour newbie, Skip (aka Lordsilvrback). We talk West Coast craft beer, beer history, beer collecting, South Valley craft beer, Fresno Food Expo, Tioga Sequoia’s tap room, Fairfax Brewfest, Nor Cal, Tapit Cap and hella more!

Listen here! Download or stream by clicking: PerfectPour10.mp3

*Hosted by Nick and Mikey. Email the show!! Tell us what you’ve been drinking and what you think we should be, show thoughts, whatever: email perfect pour.

*We are on iTunes – maybe give us a five star review or something. Also we’re on Stitcher – give it a thumbs up!

*Music by the Sunburns.