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The 12 Best Things In Disneyland: Dorktown Podcast #227


As the wise man, David Lee Roth, once said: “I heard ya missed us, we’re baaaack!”

The longest hiatus in podcast history is over. We hit the ground running with a list about Disneyland, Bells brought his keyboard from childhood, Speak & Spell tests the podcast’s smarts, there is a complete breakdown of (maybe) the worst Jungle Cruise Captain ever, the Foo Fighters came to Fresno and we recorded a bootleg of it, we finally review The Last Jedi and much more!

Happy to be back, thanks for waiting, dork.

CLICK TO PLAY: DorktownPodcast227.mp3
35.1MB | 1:16:46 | FOWL LANGUAGE!


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Sometimes The Bar Eats You: Dorktown #166

Check out the dorkness of this one:

  • Retractions.
  • Bells and Becky hang out with old stoners.
  • We killed another podcast.
  • A voicemail from a podcast celeb.
  • New show: The Firnecats
  • A sort of kind of music break. .
  • Favorite character of The Big Lebowski?
  • A “Table Read” from The Big Lebowski.
  • The awesomeness of the Foo Fighters.
  • Star Wars talk and Fonzy Eyyys.

direct download: Dorktown166.mp3
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