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The Newness: Alcohollywood, Fortnight on the Internets and Toxic Twins Happy Hour

“The Newness” is a new segment for the Dorktown blog. We take a look (or a listen, actually) to some podcasts we haven’t noticed much before. Here are a few. toxictwins


It’s always a little tough to be listening with too serious of a ear to a podcast in its first few episodes. But, it’s also fun to get in on the ground floor. That’s what I’m doing with Toxic Twins Happy Hour. It’s starting out as a beer and music podcast, we’ll see if hosts Reid and Rob stay on that path. I hope they do because I love both topics and like how they do it in a relaxed style. I even can forgive the fact that they are not in the same studio while they record because it still sounds good. They use the Google Hangout method instead of the classic podcaster method of Skype – it seems Google Hangouts sound better than Skype ‘casts but that may be isolated to Toxic Twins. Either way it’s metal.


Oh man. Where has this one been!? This is what a modern era podcast is all about. Great mix of new music, Internet news and just plain coolness. Alpine and Alison sound pro (and I suspect Alison may be a former radio-er from the sound of it) but they don’t overdue the pro-style and still keep it podcast-real. Looking forward to more episodes.


Drinking games and movie breakdowns. Thumbs up to that shit. These boys pick a movie, or take suggestions from listeners. They watch it, review it and develop a drinking game exclusive to the movie. Didn’t like how much they tore up Mallrats and Kevin Smith (he certainly isn’t perfect – especially as a Director) but maybe they don’t get Kev. But it’s cool, I still respect them. Smooth content and they keep you entertained with their nerdness. Drink it in and listen up.

Alright, well now I have to get back to finding more unkown-to-us podcasts to post about. Email us if you have one you think we should add to our Stitcher.