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Bathroom Hacks From Bells: Dorktown Podcast #193


Time for a yell-and-listen show again. That is, you will be yelling at the lack of TV theme song recall Mikey and Becky have.

Bells puts everyone through it again as we also start and new segment “Bathroom Hacks from Bells”. Also, if you were a drug what drug would you be? Oh and Becky gets attacked by something, live on the show. Plus Bells has a take on Lagunitas becoming Big Beer. And we have drunk VOICEMAILS, YO!

MUSIC BREAK: Light Thieves “Halfway”.

CLICK TO LISTEN: DorktownPodcast193.mp3


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Ken Masculine – The Light Thieves Take Over Dorktown #142


Fresno’s hottest band, The Light Thieves, invade Dorktown with hilarious results: Mike, Joel, Erica and Kaleb tell us about their new album and how their shit got stolen and how you might be able to help them get some juice back. Expect some stuff like:
Fat fingers.
Nobody remembers Dorktown.
Backpack Quickjobs.
Light Thieves music breaks.
Clovis Girl vists.
Keanu Reeves’ penis.
What happen to the Fierce Creatures?
San Francisco.
Call ins.
Bustin hookers.
Fonzy Eyyys.
Dorktown “Aftershow”!

It gets crazier as it goes. Click and listen:

Help out The Light Thieves and check their IndieGoGo page.

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