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The Discovered: Welcome To Night Vale, Angry Old Man, The Inverse Delirium, Junk Food Dinner

We all have one. We all have a hang-out style podcast talking about “nerd stuff” or  “pop culture” or “what we did this week” or the worst one “remember that old girlfriend you had?” No, we don’t! Only you two do and the rest of us don’t care and just stopped listening. All of us indie podcasters are guilty of such mediocre to shit-poor content from time to time. Hell, a lot of mainstream ones are guilty of this.

Some of us indie folk are doing interesting things with the podcast format though. We discovered a few in recent months that inspire us to be more creative with our own.nightvalelogo-web


Alright so if you listen to podcasts you know what this is already. Probably the biggest indie podcast story in 2013 that doesn’t involve an entrepreneurial cast.  As a podcaster or writer it’ll make you say to yourself “Why didn’t I start this!?” But but after listening long enough you realize you’re nowhere close to being talented enough to pull off writing it. Fictional community updates for the small desert town called Night Vale. It may take a couple listens but eventually you get the creepy awsomeness. Latest WTNV episode.


You may not believe it after listening but this is just one man doing all the voices. Set in a trailer park, the characters walk in and out of each others lives. Sometimes I get caught up in trying to imagine how much editing must go into making an episode and forget to listen to the content. Mostly improvised, but it still manages to tell a complete story and carry over storylines to other episodes. Latest AOMP episode.


Using other podcasters to act out audio-sketches. Super cool. Expertly produced by Geoffrey Welchman. Always a funny and interesting listen. We secretly sit around and hope for a invite one day. Latest TID episode.


I’ve never been much of a cult film fan but this podcast motivates me to be one. The hosts watch and review three or four cultish films from the past or near present. They give super nerd-core breakdowns of the films without being pretentious or inserting too much unrelated material – my favorite kind of fancast/review style podcast. Latest JFD episode.

I really enjoy indie casters playing with the format and branching out from the normal podcast style. Let us know if you find one worthy.