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What Are You Listening To: DI60Y’s Roger Gonzales Tells Us What To Get Up On

Welcome back to our continuing feature called “What You Are Listening To” where we ask other podcasters what podcasts they’ve been enjoying or, well, hating lately. This week we have Roger Gonzales from Dead In 60 Years, cluing us in to some cool shit.

I couldn’t just pick one, I’m sorry! I work a job where I sit alone at a cubicle editing footage of teeth all day. The only interaction I have with humans is when I’m yelling at my animation team in Lahore Pakistan via Skype.

These are the podcasts that get me through my day, take my mind off the mundane and allow me to laugh in a humorless work environment.

  • Get up on this: A podcast that attempts to get you up on things (music/technology/film) early. Great guests hilarious stories and informative at times.
    Episode 107 w/ Annie Lederman.getuponthis
    Episode 040 w/ Fat Jew.
  • Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank: Went through a breakup the other month… misery loves company! Two episodes that remind you it could always be worse. Comedian Sarah Tiana meets a Navy Seal while on a USO tour and shit goes bad the day of the recorded podcast. Episode #87 follows up where #73 left off. ITS BONKERS!
    #73: Love Scam.
    #87: Mended Heart.
  • Go Bayside!: Writer April Richardson watches episodes of Saved by the Bell with friends. If you grew up in the 90s and were raised by TV this pod will strike a nostalgic chord.
    Episode 029 with Howard Kremer, “The Babysitter”.
    Episode 025 with Jimmy Pardo, “Jessie’s Song”.