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Your Cans Have Aged Nicely: Perfect Pour #88


We talk about aging your cans of beer with Bells (Dorktown Podcast) and craft enthusiast, Dave R. Lots of drinking and bottle sharing too AND more of the talking about beer, Dave gives his “Beerhistory”, a review of Tioga’s “FresyesFest”, Beachwood is expanding, we look out for beer, play voicemails and more more more.

Lots of fun is had, hope you enjoy!

DIRECT DOWNLOAD: PerfectPour88.mp3


HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey.
MUSIC BY: Sunburns 
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We’re Making Up For The Fact That We Missed A Week Of Podcasting By Drinking… Lots

ImageWe missed a week. Dorktown missed a week. Alright, well, we technically miss every other week since we are a bi-weekly podcast but we even missed the bi…part. Point is there isn’t a new Dorktown episode when there should be and we suck.

It is always recommended that you “bank” a episode so if you can’t record one week, you’ve got something sorta new to post. We had nothing banked. So here we are.

Next Monday, we promise a new episode. Although we will be spending part of the day (the day we record said episode) out at Tioga Sequoia for the FresYes Fest (way better than the CLOVIS Fest) and there will be many beers had. So that should make for one hell of a drunk episode or we will pass out and never make it back to the studio.

Podcast fingers crossed.