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Dorktown Podcast Rankings: Where The Hell Did They Go?

Dorktown has been doing a monthly Podcast Rankings. A rankings that feature what I’ve been listening to over the past month, plus what some people around me have been listening to.

It started because there really wasn’t anything like it around the Internet. No real voice for the independent podcast trying to get some traction.  Once in a while one will show up in iTunes’ “New and Noteworthy” or Stitcher’s  “Top Movers” but that’s about it. So I thought I could do a monthly look at some indie podcasts in a rankings style. I love sports rankings (even College Baseball’s Top 25) and used to love Rollings Stone’s top 100 songs (back when they were a music magazine….). So why not do a podcasts version of them? It has been fun doing it and it’s gotten a bit of traction.

But… it turns out, after doing the rankings for a while, I feel like a dick. PODCAST RANKINGS

I hate moving people down in the rankings. Podcasts I like, but, for whatever reason, I felt needed to be moved down. Then they are all “What the hell?” and I’m all “Damn I feel like a dick.” and they’re all “Well you are a dick!” and I’m all “Yeah, you’re kinda right.”

Really. Who the hell am I to be judging podcasts? I’ve been podcasting for a long time but whatever. Still feel like a douche judging other podcasters. So I’m out.

BUT! I’m not out entirely. I will be starting regular blog posts on this webiste that will be a podcast column of sorts. Doing features of what we’ve been listening to in the past week, maybe some news items, whatever. Posts that I feel like less of a douche writing.

So keep listening to podcasts. Keep emailing us stuff to listen to, listen to our shows, kicks some ass, have a beer, kick some more ass and podcast.